ATU Local 1772 Endorsement

The ATU Local 1772 has endorsed my candidacy.

I am humbled and motivated by this show of support.

Operators are the lifeblood of RTD. It is critical that the board of directors ensures they have safe working conditions, are financially secure, and face a reasonable workload. Moreover, the board must be attentive to their concerns.

Far too often, the opposite has happened.

Safety protections were slow to be implemented in the spring, and polycarbonate barriers have only recently been installed in all vehicles. Effective health protections like mask wearing and social distancing continue to be inconsistent.

Drivers continue to perform valiantly through the pandemic. Their already complex job has become even more demanding—not to mention the physical risk they are taking every day at work. That many now face layoffs is troubling.

As board director, I will stand up for our operators; without them, we do not have a transit agency.

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